Your German Shepherd Dog Is Shy – Help Him Overcome His Shyness!

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A dog is defined by his race, personality and attitude. Even if it's a puppy purchased from a licensed kennel or an adult dog recovered from a rescue center, sometimes we encounter shy, timid and reserved types. So what we do to correct their behavior?

A shy or timid German shepherd puppy or dog requires a dual responsibility compared to a stable and sociable shepherd and this animal needs more work with socialization and training involving conviction, time and patience to encourage and help to "get out of his shell." But shy dogs also need affection, and if you will allocate sufficient time and a particular concern relative to its particular needs, you will have a wonderful dog. Do not use a dog's shyness as an excuse for not allowing people near or not to visit, explore certain places. Whether working with a puppy or an adult dog fearful pay attention to subtle body language as the animal becomes increasingly strained. As a general signs that a dog is terrified is revealed, we can realize by actions like: turning the ears back, the body tends to crouched, panting suddenly, hiding the tail between the legs, uncontrolled seizure and shaking. Also, if you have already established a strong emotional tie with that dog he will stick to your foot and will squeal.

Whatever happens, it is totally contraindicated to force your German shepherd dog to know and accept someone. Even if the person is very close and knows about those cases and has experience in interactions with dogs, it is still wrong. A dog, especially if it's German shepherd has a unique set of very strong perceptions and values. Complicated stimuli and perceptions acts in these times, especially if the particular emotional background of our German shepherd dog is shy, distrustful. In addition, forcing to near and socializing with a person that the dog does not like from the first contact, you put in serious danger that person, especially if you have an adult dog.

German shepherd often reacts by biting when they are frightened and insecure. It is also a very important to know that if the dog is timid and shy it is not recommended to spoil him, hoping that this will unwind. Because according to how a dog perceives human behavior, he will feel encouraged and rewarded just for being shy and, therefore, will be motivated to show it in the future.

You can just take away it from the person at who reacts fearful and let observe him from a distance that is comfortable for the dog. Reward the dog when his body does not have an attitude of fear and tension and he gives you signs of acceptance of a person. You should know that shy German Shepherd Dog breed is sensitive to body language, their attitudes and movements of foreigners in general.

So do not let you puppy or adult German shepherd dog to stay in this state and, from today, start helping him to be brave, because that's a normal state for a dog.

Source by Ecaterina Ivanu