Types of Dog Collars

Dog collars are essential items for dog owners since they make handling easier. Apart from handling, collars serve other important functions such as identification with some having tags that can have the dog's name, the name of the owner and his / her address. This is helpful in case a dog gets lost; the owner can easily be traced in this case. Also, collars nowdays serve as fashion items and are embellished with various design colors and decorations. You no longer have to use the same plain old collars as new models are always being designed to bring out the character of your dog.

Dog collars are used in conjunction with leashes and they assist in directing dogs. The collars are designed in such a way that attachment of the leash is easy and quick, which is especially useful for some hostile dogs. There are many designs of collars and their purchase depends on the size of the dog, the material that they made of, the preference of the dog owner, and cost. The most common materials used to make dog collars are hemp, leather and nylon, although some other materials such as polyester are sometimes used.

The most common types of dog collars are the buckle collars. They are made of mostly leather, nylon or hemp and have the same design as belts. The buckle can be a quick release one which is tied loosely around the neck of the dog, or the normal type of buckle which is tightened through holes on the leather or hemp. This latter type of buckle can be used on all sizes of dogs as it can be adjusted to fit any size through the holes that are punctured on the leather.

Although the buckle collar is the most common, there are modifications to this design and such include breakaway collars which break free in case too much force is used thus protecting the dog from strangulation. Other types of collar are flea collars which are lacced with chemicals that repel fleas. Safety stretch collars are made of nylon or other strong materials but can stretch to prevent strangling. Among the other common types of dog collars are the stud collars which have metal points attached to the leather. They were initially designed to prevent other dogs from biting your dog but of late they are used as fashion accessory.

There are many more types of dog collars like training collars, slip collars, flat collars, and martingale collars among others. However, the main determinant of the type of collar to be used is the size of the dog, the intended purpose of the collar, and most importantly, the preference of the owner.

Source by Hans Luckee