Tropical Fish

So many elements effect the rising of tropical fish. Choosing the right ones and making the right decisions is crucial for success. Setting up an aquarium, selecting the fish, plants and algae, feeding the fish and breeding the fish are the major aspects of this hobby.


The aquarium elements depend on the fish one intends to have. Many parts form an aquarium and they all need to be considered seriously before they are selected:
Glass – Gravel – Hood – Heater – Thermometer – Bulbs – Filters – Cleaning Equipment – Nets – Water Test Kit – Small Container

Selecting the Fish

You can opt to have only one type of tropical fish. Problems are limited if you choose to go that way. But with tropical fish, many believe, variety is an essential element in raising fish in an aquarium.

One needs to be very careful when deciding which fish to raise in one’s own aquarium. It is obvious that not all fish get along with each other well, and selecting the right fish is a critical decision one needs to make. Research on various tropical fish in respect of habits and behavior is a must before hurrying to the store.

Buying the fish

Once at the store, there are many things to look for. Here is a list of guidelines:

1. Do not buy fish which will remain in dirty tanks

2. Watch out for white spots and eaten fins

3. Fish eyes should be clear

4. Movement should be linear with their fins in an upright position

5. No dead fish in the tank

Plants and Algae

By many ignored, but a very important aspect for tropical fish is to have the right plants and algae in the fish habitat. The ideal is to get rooted plants with roots already in place. This way, fish are provided with plants straight away and their survival rate is much higher. Ideally, tall plants are placed at the rear corners of the aquarium and the smaller and shorter ones at the front.

Several types of plants and algae exist, and choosing will always depend on your likings and on the character of the fish one intends to have.

Feeding the fish

Feeding tropical fish is an art in itself. Many fish do not die because of lack of food, but as a result of food abundance. Giving the right amount of food is important as selecting the food. The market for tropical fish food is quite large and there are foods for several types of fish.


There is only one way fish can breed in your aquarium, that is, giving them the right environment to do so. There is not better proof that the aquarium is in good shape than having fish breed in it. You can see when one has done a good job by the results the fish themselves will give to the owner.

There are so many tropical fish that one can never feel completely fulfilled as there is always some species one would like to have as part of his / her collection. The other items that form part pf having tropical fish, like the aquarium itself, the plants involved, and the various accessories, make this hobby a vast and interesting one without ever getting bored.

Source by Sandro Azzopardi