Tropical Fish – How to Breed Angelfish

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Angelfish is one of the most loved tropical fish in the world. If you are a seasoned fish breeder, you should know well how to breed angelfish. You will find them to be very easy-going and they do not require much care from the owner.

Angelfish can take many faces. They have several colors like silvers, leopards and blushers. Therefore, you can simply breed only this kind and still have an aquarium full of colorful species.

You should houses six juveniles at most in a 33-gallon tank. You should leave the bottom undecorated. The pH is fixed at 7 and the temperature is about 80f. The foods you may use are beef heart mixture, flakes and blood-worms.

As they grow to six to eight months old, they will begin to pick their mates. They may pick an area and start to defend. If you are certain that your fish have mated, remove them from the tank and move them to their own tank. You should use a 20-gallon tank. Make sure their tank is equipped with a good spawning site.

The perfect temperature for breeding is 82 degrees. You should see the belly of one of your fish begin to swell within five to eight days. This is the sign of a female. You will see the papilla on both of your fish within the next few days. The papilla of the male is much smaller than that of the female. Once the female begin to lay eggs, you should not disturb the tank.

You should take note which one is to lay eggs and which one to fertilize them. Within two days the eggs should turn white. This is a signal to show you that the spawning has been successful. If not, you may have to attempt it a few times before you get the desired result.

You should leave the parents to look after the eggs. The eggs may take two to three days to hatch depending on the temperature. Before they can freely swim all over the tank it takes about three to five days for them to wiggle. Once they can swim freely, you can start feeding them. Micro worms are the best kind of food for newly hatched angels.

You should allow the parents to stay with the newly hatched fry for the first few days. Then you should remove the parents and beginning feeding and breeding the angels from the beginning. Angelfish can be very demanding so you have to be patient and try every possible technique. This is one of the most popular tropical fish and they are extremely friendly to humans.

Source by Eddie Lamb