Tropical Fish For Beginners – Start With a Betta

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Every day, hundreds of people tread their first steps of their journey with tropical fish. These first steps can look very different for various people. Some people may randomly walk into a pet shop and be fascinated with the available fish. Others may know a friend or family member who keeps fish and slowly develop the infamous "itch" to start their first aquarium. For many people, betta splendens – also known as siamese fighting fish – are a great way to dip your feet into the tropical fish hobby.

There are many reasons why having a betta as your first tropical fish is a good choice. Bettas do not require complicated aquarium setups or accessories that most other fish do. A betta can be quite happy in a medium sized (1 to 2 gallon) tank or jar. While most accessories are optional, some items and decorations will definitely make your betta a happier fish. Bettas can be quite active and healthy without gravel, filters, or lids. However, some decorations will definitely help entertain your betta.

Since betta tanks are inexpensive compared to those of other tropical fish, the money saved can be used to spruce up your new fish's environment. Some favorite decorations include divers, buddhas fake plants (silk are best), little glass fish, and anything else you think your fish might like! As you can see, the decorations you can add in your betta's aquarium are endless, and definitely fun!

Betta fish care is also much simpler than caring for other tropical fish. If you keep your fish tank at approximately 80 Fahrenheit and feed the proper amount of betta pellets (just a small pinch twice per day), you will run into very few problems. Water changes need only be once per week and it's quick to change 100% of the water in a 2 gallon tank. You can do less drastic water changes if your fish tank is filtered. Proper water changes will ensure the health of your betta and it's potential tankers for years to come.

Finally, your betta does not have to be a lonely fish. Male bettas can not safely be kept with other males. If you have enough plants and hiding place, female bettas can be kept in groups, making for a nice tropical fish tank. A single male betta can safely be kept with a medium or large apple snail. Other good tank mates include chinese algae eaters or other small non-aggressive fish that do not have flashy tails. Fish to avoid are guppies, mollies, and platties.

Once you have bought your first siamese fighting fish, you will become hooked. Many people absolutely want to try their hand at breeding bettas, but that is beyond the scope of this article. If you are interested, you will find this betta breeding resource a good place to start.

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