Top 10 Cool Facts About Golden Retrievers

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The Golden Retriever is my absolute favorite breed of dog. Both the temperament and appearance of these dogs are wonderful. Moreover, there are an amazing number of cool facts about Goldens, and I have put together a list of my personal top 10 favorites here. Hope you enjoy them!

  1. Of all the breeds registered with the AKC, Goldens are the second most popular. The only breed to outrank Goldens in numbers is the Labrador Retriever.
  2. The first dog ever to win the overall AKC Obedience Championships was . . . you guessed it – a Golden Retriever. This prestigious title was bestowed to a female Ch. Moreland’s Golden Tonka in July 1977. But wait, there’s more – the next two dogs to win the title were also Goldens!
  3. Golden Retrievers are thought to be one of the MOST intelligent breeds. Some studies rank them third most intelligent (after Border Collies and Poodles).
  4. Despite their strong jaws and sharp teeth, Golden Retriever mouths are actually very soft. They can retrieve and carry several different objects (including living creatures) without damaging them.
  5. Golden Retrievers’ pain tolerance is high — more than that of many other dogs. This makes them well-suited for possibly dangerous roles such as police work, rescue work and hunting helpers.
  6. Although Golden Retrievers are fully mature by 2 years of age, they may behave like puppies until they are around 3 years of age (and some display puppy behaviors for a lifetime!).
  7. This breed is considered by most to be the best breed for being a service dog – drumroll please, The Golden Retriever!
  8. Golden Retrievers are “crepuscular.” Need the dictionary? – This refers to animals that are more active in the dawn and dusk, rather than the middle of the day.
  9. Golden Retrievers are some of the best swimmers among all dog breeds. They were bred to navigate through different terrains (including water) to retrieve game and fowl.
  10. As puppies, Golden Retrievers are much lighter in color than what they will be as adults (see appearance ). The color of the fur on a puppy’s ears is a good indicator of his adult coloring.

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