The Common Cichlid – Fish Favorites Among Cichlid Enthusiasts

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A few Simple ways to identify common Cichlid fish

With over 1900 different Cichlid species how can you tell one from the other. Obviously they come in many shapes and colors, from one specie to another. The Cichlid has become a very popular aquarium fish, in part because of the size and the fact that they do breed easily in captivity.

This popularity started somewhere around 19 45 and has been drawn more popular ever since. Even today some of the species that were not very popular or common have become somewhat common.

Start with the Jack Dempsey

Of course if you're familiar with the name Jack Dempsey you then know that. Dempsey was actually a heavyweight fighter. The Jack Dempsey chick lit is named after Jack Dempsey the boxer.

The Jack Dempsey Cichlid has been known to live for more than 10 years, this specie does very well in captivity, and as will breed rapidly in captivity. The beautiful colors displayed as a young fish are typically recognized by the Tan or brownish with turquoise specs. Ask this fish matures the colors get more vivid and brilliant. The tan looks more like gold and the turquoise turns more into purple.

Just like the name, Angel fish it is a very elegant Cichlid in every way. The appearance, behavior, and even the colors displayed by this Cichlid fish are very angel like. This fish is originally from the South American region. Typically found in bodies of water like the Orinoco, Essequibo and of course the amazing Amazon Rivers.

If you're looking for a fun and non-aggressive mild-mannered fish, then this is the fish for you. This fish is really amazing.

Astronotus Ocellatus Fish or Oscar Fish

This Cichlid is known are called many names, such as the Oscar fish, Tiger Oscar, Velvet Cichlid, and also the Marble Cichlid. A very brilliant in color fish found in many types of water addition and probably one of the most durable Cichlids species. From south America the Tiger Oscar has been found in water that's heavy with toxins.

This fish will live and thrive almost anywhere. Eating everything from flakes to live fish and will grow well beyond 18 inches or the standard size of the Cichlid. If you choose this type of chick lit as a pet although they eat almost anything you want to ensure that diet is well-rounded to ensure the Marble Cichlid keep the brilliant colors that defines the specie.

The Convict Cichlid fish or Archocentrus nigrofasciatus

Convert are very popular among the newer fish enthusiasts because of the ease of maintenance easy to breed. This fish where stripes that the name Convict, typically a lighter color and a darker gray or black strike.

Convict Cichlid is known to not be very fussy about their water condition, but always a good idea for any fish owner. It is very important to ensure you keep your aquarium clean and free of toxins to ensure your fish are healthy and live longer.

It's also a very good idea to ensure that you put plenty of decorative pots and plants with cave like items in your convict Cichlid aquarium. There are several reasons for this, this is one of the best ways to mimic they are native environment. The decorations also serve as a haven for when your Cichlids are ready to breed. With this species it's a good idea to ensure you use to use an external pump for they like to borrow.

Symphysodon sppi are more commonly known as the Discus fish

The Discus fish is a very popular and common favorite among cichlid enthusiast. Usually a schooling in type of fish in the natural habitat. This is important because it's something you should remember if you plan specializing in the discus for your aquarium. They require more of a social environmental setting to enhance their character. Always stock your Discus fish aquarium with groups. Although these fish are not subterranean in nature, I still recommend an external filter system, just to keep things simple. Breeding is also a breeze with this specie of Cichlid.

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