Armitages Pet Products Rotastak Space Command Unit Hamster Cage

This home provides loads of space for living and playing with its curvy tubes, tunnels for exploration and the rainbow runner wheel.
Comprises of numerous existing Rotastak extension units including the Home and Away carrying unit, external exercise wheel, drinking bottle and food bowl.

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Innovative sliding doors allow easy access to your pet and makes feeding and cleaning a breeze.
Air vents provide air circulation while preventing drafts.
Front and back locks ensure your pet remains securely inside the home.

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Habitrail Twist is a complete Hamster habitat with a unique cage design, it has rounded corners that prevents gnawing and makes cleaning easy!
The twist has an oversized transparent door that provides an aerial view of your pet and habitat, the door fully opens for easy access to your pet and feeding area.
Twist provides an elevated feeding area that encourages your hamster to search for his food and also keeps litter and waste away from food.

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Little Zoo Hayley Hamster Cage

Trusted Brand
Elegantly designed
UK Company

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Little Zoo Henry Cage, Blue

Trusted Brand
Elegantly designed
UK Company

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Rosewood Abode Dwarf Hamster and Mouse Home, Hot Pink

Escape-proof home for all dwarf hamsters and mice (not suitable for syrian/golden hamsters).
Contemporary and stylish design.
Easy to clean base with all components fitted or held within the lift off top.

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Rosewood PICO Hamster Home, Translucent Teal

High quality home for hamsters and mice available in three stylish colour options.
Easy clean design: all components are fixed to the wire top, so as you lift this off everything is removed leaving you with an easy clean base
Supplied complete with unique loft den (improved design), ‘drop in’ water bottle, food dish and solid wheel.

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Trixie Hamster Cage

Tub and accessories kit made of robust plastic
Black wire grid made of metal, powder coated, door at the front and the top
Also suitable for keeping a group of mice, special deep tub for species-appropriate digging

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