Dog Educational Toys, CLKJ Volcanic Treasure Hunt Puzzle Toys Resistant To Bite Drain Dog Food Toy Dog toys Ball

【INSTRUCTIONS】When treats are dropped into the top of the toy, they fall randomly into one of the four treat chambers covered by flaps. Your dog must determine which chamber the treat has fallen into and which flap to lift in order to retrieve the treat. Scent holes on the chambers assist in your pup’s search for the reward!
【QUALITY】Can not easily be bitten, strong enough to deal with the big dogs chewing force, challenging game for a long time, the development of dog intelligence
【SUITABLE】Suitable for teddy, poodle,than bear dog,the pomeranian and other small dogs

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GOOD BOY LOB IT! Space Lobber Giant Dog Toy Pets Dog Toys Squeeky 5000239085453

Ergonomic grab handles for easy throwing
Super strong latex material
Unique squeaker for ultimate impulse

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Goodboy lobit squeaky space hopper lobber dog toy latex

Provide your dog with retro fun with the good boy lob it! space lobber toy.
Bouncy, squeaky fun, which is perfect for smaller breeds.
Supervise play.

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iFetch – Automatic Ball Launcher for your Dog!

Launches balls 10, 20 or 30 feet
Works with batteries and from a mains adapter
Can be used indoors and outdoors

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MissFox Paw Hide Treat Toy Dog Toys Scent Puzzle Training Toy Slow Feed Bowl

Keeps your pup playing longer, eating slower.
The Paw Hide inspires natural, treat-seeking fun!
A great game to keep your dogs busy.

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Nerf Dog Stomper Toy

Foot activated ball launcher
Launches balls up to an impressive 75 feet!
Provides your dog plenty of exercise and a great game of fetch

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Pet Brands IQuties Bone Slots Dog Toy

Say goodbye to destructive pet behaviour with this brain training toy
Features 10 holes for hiding treats with 6 sliding disks
This toy challenges the dog to find the treats by moving the sliding disks

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PetSafe Automatic Ball Launcher

Launches between 8-30 feet (2.5 to 9 metres)
Uses standard sized tennis balls (2 balls included)
Multiple settings – nine distance, six angle options

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Trixie Dog Activity Memory Trainer Strategy Game, 24 x 20 cm Diameter

Pressing the remote control the dog gets the treats
Increasing levels to increasing distance between release button and food dispenser
Rotating reservoir inside the food dispense

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Uni Best Dog Cat Interactive Roly-Poly Toy Smarter IQ Treat Ball Indestructible Dog Toys Ball Food Dispenser

The perfect combination of high quality PP and PC material extends the using life of it. Material used for your pet’s best health, ultra-strong, ultra-durable, non-toxic, no-odor plastic material. 100% safe for all pets.
3 Sizes, Ideal for all sized cats and dogs. A fun pet ball to keep your dog mentally and physically stimulated.
Fill the ball with your pet’s favorite treats or food. This transparent storage tank makes your pets to find the inside food easily.

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Wobble Wag Giggle: Durable No Battery Interactive Dog Toy with Giggling Noises

Sound tubes emit �giggling� noises when moved around
6 clutch pockets allow for easy pick up
Engages your dog�s natural play instinct

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