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Extra Large Blue Options Pod Pet Carrier Ideal for Degu, Rabbits, Guinea Pigs, Rats

Perfect for for Guinea Pigs, Rats and Degu size pets. Allows for safe and secure transport of small pets. Also ideal for a temporary home during cage cleaning, Ventilation slits for good air circulation. Measurements: L35cm x W24cm x D24cm

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Ferplast Aladino Guinea Pig Carrier, Medium, 30 x 23 x 21 cm, Blue

Wonderful guinea pig carrier made of plastic with useful handle
Ideal for short journeys with your pet
Cover with holes for air circulation

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Karlie Pet Shuttle Transportation Box

Made of Nylon Materials
Suitable for Hamsters and Mice.
Easy to Clean and Store

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Pet Brands Small Rodent Mini Pet Carrier

Extra Small Mini Carrier for Hamsters, Mice and Gerbils.
Great for transporting small animals without the hassle of moving a bulky cage.
Made of safe, durable, non-toxic plastic.

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Trixie Pico Transport Box for Pet-Parent

Transport box for small animal
Made from plastic material
Ventilation slits for optimal air circulation

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