Fluval Chi Aquarium 19L

– Includes Filtration and Lighting
– Inspired by Feng Shui to help inspire positive life flow energy
– Elegant Design

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Fluval Edge 23L Aquarium – Black

Fluval Edge Aquarium Set black colour add design to your lifestyle. Experience the beauty of this excellent aquarium with glass all round including the top this aquarium provides spectacular high definition viewing and reduced evaporation. With retractable halogen lighting built … Read More

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Fluval Edge 23L Aquarium – Pewter

Fluval EDGE takes only seconds to assemble and the perforated, removable cover effectively dissipates lamp heat, avoids moisture and allows easy access to the filter’s lift out media trays.
EDGE friendly species include White Cloud Mountain Minnows, Betta Splendens, Barbs, Danios, small Goldfish, Crystal Red Shrimps, Snails. Remember, Goldfish in particular grow so may need to be moved to a larger tank later in life.
1 x 23L sealed top glass aquarium and surround

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Fluval Edge Aquarium 46L Black Gloss

– Stylish and contemporary
– Powerful and efficient LED lighting
– Removable Cover

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Fluval Edge Aquarium 46L White Gloss

Unique, Stylish & Contemporary
Clear unobstructed view
Perfect for home or office

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Fluval Edge Black Gloss 23l Led

Unique 23L cube-shaped aquarium provides amazing visual experience
Simple, uncluttered design allows a clear view inside the aquarium
Housing module conceals all essential equipment

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Fluval Edge Pewter Gloss 23l Led Aquarium

Stylish and Contemporary
Unique cube-shaped aquarium
Perfect for homes or offices

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Fluval Edge White Gloss 23L LED

Stylish, contemporary Aquarium Set in Gloss White
Powerful 21 LED lighting system
Includes – 3-stage filtration system

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Fluval Spec Aquarium 19L White

19-litre Nano aquarium
Dimensions: 52 x 29.5 x 19cm
Etched-glass tank with aluminum trim

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