Dog Drying Coat

Double thickness cotton toweling
Easy to put on and take off
Dry’s wet/muddy dogs in minutes

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Dog Towels Microfiber Pet Bath Dry Towel, Ultra-Absorbent & Machine Washable for Small, Medium, Large Dogs and Cats

GREAT SIZE – being 31.5″x13.8″, this towel will work with any small to medium sized pet
The perfect snuggle size for small and medium puppies and senior dogs, these pet blankets offer warm, comfortable, relaxing support.
Great for grooming, traveling, in a kennel, or cage to keep your pet warm, cozy and comfortable

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Microfibre Dog Robe by Arcadian in Blue and Pink. These Luxurious Robes make the Perfect Gift for your Beloved Pet. Made of Premium Quality Microfiber, These Robes are Lightweight, Quick Drying and Super Absorbent. Arcadian Robes are Easy to Use, Comfortable and come with Adjustable Straps.Small, Medium, Large, XL and XXL. Fantastic When Used with an Arcadian Microfibre Dog Towel. 100% Satisfaction Guarantee!

LIGHTWEIGHT, SUPER ABSORBENT and QUICK DRYING – Microfibre holds substantially more water than bulkier Cotton, air it dries super quick, and is naturally antibacterial. The material works to quickly pull water away from the coat and holds up to 8X its own weight in water, and 4X more water than cotton.
KEEPS YOUR FRIEND WARM and COSEY – After a bath or walk in the rain. Fantastic when used with the Arcadian Microfibre Dog Towel.
EASY to USE and FASTEN SECURELY – Simply wrap around and fasten the adjustable clip under your dog’s belly. The Neck also has an adjustable tie.

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Microfibre Dog Towel – Large 140X70 – 30% Polyamide

Highly efficient at removing moisture and soiling from you dogs coat
Our microfibre pet towel works through capillary action to absorb huge quantities of water and soiling
Can be machine washed (and tumble dried) over 500 times at 40’C without effecting the towels performance.

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Microfibre Doggy Bag – ALL sizes

Super absorbent Doggy Bag® keeps your pet, car and home spotless after walkies. Machine washable.
Absorbs 10x more water than an ordinary towel, also cleans up sand and mud
Leave it in the car, zip your pooch up and man’s best friend will be dry before you get home!

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Microfibre Doggy Towel – Superabsorbent quick drying dog towel

Superabsorbent Doggy Towels are the quickest way to dry your dog off after walkies and baths!
Protect your car’s back seat as well as your dog’s baskets and bed
Absorbs the bulk of the water off your dog and cuts your grooming time down massively

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New Microfibre Pet Towel for Dogs/Cats Colour Black/Brown

New Microfibre Pet Towel for Dogs/Cats Colour Black/Brown
cute paw print design
super-absorbent microfibre pet towels.

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Personalised Cosy Paw Navy Blue Travel Pet Towel For Dogs 36″ x 20″

Spoilt Rotten Handy Travel Towel in Navy Blue
Quality Egyptian Cotton
Personalised With Any Name You Wish Lovely Doggy Gift

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Pet Bathrobe, Fast Dry Pet Bath Towel, Quickly Absorbing Water Bath Robe for Dog and Cat

Convenient Velcro Design: Neck circumference with velcro stick fasten design, easy to put on and take off.
Quick Absorbent and Quick Dry: This bathrobe has applied 400G high absorbent fabric material which can make your pets dry super quick.
Easy to use and fasten securely – Simply wrap around and fasten with your dog’s belly, you can adjust the range according to the waist of the pet.

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Pet Therapy Groom Professional Microfibre Pet Towel, 90 x 58 cm

Microfibre pet towel
Extremely absorbant
Excellent for use after the bath – complete your pet therapy experience in style!

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PoochOneZee® Dry Fast Dog Bag – Keep Water, Mud and Dirt Out of Your Home and Car – Super Absorbent Microfibre – Thick Hook and Loop Neck Strap – Cozy Brown

DOES YOUR PET LOVE TO PLAY OUTSIDE? If you love your dog, but hate the mess of mud, sand, slobber, grass and water in your car and home, our microfibre dog bag is the perfect solution!
DRY YOUR DOGS FAST! This is not your standard towel. We use the highest quality materials to wrap your fur-baby in the softest, fastest drying microfibres around!
GROOMING AND CLEAN UP IN A SNAP! Simply zip the bag around your wet pooch, snap the hook and loop strap closed, and give them a rub – boom, dry! When you’re done toss in the washer and tumble dry!

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Prosper Pets Microfibre Dog Towel – Fast Drying, Highly Absorbent Terry Pet Towel for Dogs and Cats

Quick drying and highly absorbent – Makes grooming efficient and easy
Comfortable for your pet – for a pleasant grooming experience. Does not irritate skin or coats
Protection for your sofa, carpet, bed or chair. Can also be used as a car seat cover or dog blanket

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