Cat Bowl Polka Dot Red

Polka Dot Pet Bowl – Black 13 X 4cm
Ceramic Material
Feeding Bowl for all Types of Pets

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Catit Original Flower Fountain 3 Litre Water Fountain for Cats and Small Dogs

ENCOURAGE PETS TO DRINK MORE – The Catit Flower Fountain is the original Flower Fountain which uses running water to encourage pets to drink more. Drinking regularly is important for your cat’s health, as it helps ensure proper kidney function and prevents crystal formation that can lead to urinary diseases.
3 WATER FLOW SYSTEM – The Catit Flower Fountain uses running water featuring 3 water flow settings to engage even the pickiest of drinkers with a gentle flow, bubbling top and calm stream flow.
3L WATER RESERVOIR – Storing 3L of water so your cats have a fresh supply of water all day.

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Genuine Heritage Branded trademarked product.
Colours to suit either male or female animals.
Constant running water with 2.5 litre water capacity

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LOW POWER – Consumes less than 4 watts, using less power than a night light!
COOL WATER – Re-circulating system cools and aerates water
WATER FILTER INCLUDED – Continuously purifies and softens hard tap water to help prevent urinary tract disease which is common in cats. Also retaining stray hairs and debris. Fountain is compatible with the following Catit Filters (Amazon code: B0748H3GKN, B071JSBR9X, B0013ES5WC, B00BUNFRJ0 and B015J4I9M2).

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Hommii Pet Drinking Water Fountain for Cats Dogs Drinking Bowl with Replacement Filter, Flower Style, Automatic Electric, Water Capacity 1.6L

Pet Fountain Design: Automatic Electric
Input Voltage: AC 220V/ 50Hz ,AC120V/60HZ,Output Voltage: AC 12V,Power Consumption: 2W
Suit for: Small & Middle size Dog or Cat

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