Annengjin Cat Catch LED projecter chasing Toy Interactive toy (pack of 3)

Great for Cats and Dogs, can provide exercise and endless fun.
Interactive led pointer training pet toy.
Emits 3 kinds of shaped : mouse, fish and the footprint of the dog. The light of mouse and fish are white, the footprint is blue.

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Baby Pet ®Cat Interactive Mice LED Light Pointer Cat Exercise Chaser Toys Pet Scratching Training Tool(2 Pack)

Handy size for you to hold it ,you can put it in the pocket and play with your pet anywhere .
Soft light toy for pets ,the special projection torch make your friends will crazy playing but no worry to hurt them .
2 kinds of shaped animation led pointer in 1 package : the white light fish bone (yellow shell) and the red light mouse(orange or silver shell) .

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LED pointer Catch the Light, yellow

LED with fish motif
Made of aluminium/plastic material
Lighting period minimum 100 hours

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UEETEK Interactive Exercise Led Training Funny Cat Play Toy Pointer Pen Interaction Toy Tool for Pet Dog

Most of pet lovers may concern about their pets when they are outside for work or sports.
How to find great companion for your pets is vital and necessary.
Made of high quality material, the pet toy is specially designed for you.

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