(2 Pack) Kong – Catnip Rat Cat Toy 16cm

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(2 Pack) Kong – Catnip Rat Cat Toy 16cm
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Catnip scent
Rattle body
Crinkle tails

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The ultimate cat toys
Hugga wubba is specifically developed to appeal to cat’s instinctive desire to stalk and capture prey
Irresistible, Soft plush fur

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Ideal toy for Cats
Pet safe
Made in US

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Dr Noys FROG Plush Cat Toy

These soft and snuggly plush toys feature a pouch to hold “T-Nip” catnip pouches. They contain top quality catnip and fit neatly into the pouch without the mess of loose catnip. When the catnip expires, just add a new pouch … Read More

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Kong Active Cat Window Teaser (Assorted Designs)

Window teaser for cats.
Affixes to smooth surfaces, creating an active challenge for cats even when youre not available to play.
Contains North American Catnip, bright feathers and a crinkle sound for added stimulation.

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KONG Botanicals Refillable Lavender Catnip Hedgehog Cat Toy

Cute plush toy which combines Premium North American Catnip and aromatic herbs to create an enticing blend that stimulates the senses
Fill the toy with the catnip blend for hours of fun!
Sprinkle on KONG toys to attract your cat and encourage play

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Kong Bright Refillable Catnip Toy

Refillable catnip toy.
The extra-long soft plush fabric makes this toy attractive and comfortable while helping cats release instinctual energy by chasing and capturing.
Includes vial of North American Catnip.

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Kong Cat Feather Teaser (Assorted Designs)

Feather teaser cat toy.
Designed for interactive play.
Contains North American Catnip for added stimulation.

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Kong Cat Treat Ball

Cat ball treat dispenser.
Fun and unpredictable movement.
Promotes healthy exercise.

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Kong Cat Wobbler Toy

Cat toy with entertaining wobbler action.
Makes playtime fun and rewarding by dispensing small treats.
Can also be used as a mealtime feeder, by slowing rapid eating and helps fight boredom and obesity by encouraging cats to work for their food.

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Kong Corduroy Mouse Catnip Toy

Refillable catnip toy in the shape of a mouse.
Irresistible scent, texture and shape.
Soft and snuggly plush.

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