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Mikki Kitten Grooming Kit

Allows you to build up your bond with your kitten by giving her extra pampering
Brush is soft and flexible breaking down matts and tangles
Helps prevents fur balls

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Poodle Pet Metal Flea Comb with Handle & Rotatable Pins, Safe, Easy to Use 8.5” x 1.5” Stainless Steel Fine Toothed Flea Removal Tool for Small Dogs, Longhaired Cats, Kittens, Rabbits, Puppies

ROTATABLE STEEL PINS: Place the rotating stainless steel pins close together to easily remove flea eggs hiding out along your pet’s skin & then space them out to exterminate pesky fleas from his or her hair.
UNIVERSAL SHAPE/SIZE: Measuring 8.5″ long & 1.5″ wide, this pet flea comb is the perfect size to use when grooming just about any animal, including long-haired cats, small dogs, rabbits, horses & more.
SLIP-PROOF, EASY GRIP: Highlighted by its ergonomic shape & ridged texture, the contoured plastic handle of the Poodle Pet Flea Removal Comb is easy to grip. No more slippery accidents!

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Zero In Flea Killer Comb

Electric flea comb provides safe and effective flea and tick control for cats and dogs
Cat and dog flea comb kills and removes fleas at adult, egg and larvae stages to tackle pet flea problems
Electronic flea killer comb delivers a harmless, electrical charge to the coats of dogs and cats

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