6 Eco Bricks – Water Purifying Aquarium Decor Stones – 100% Natural Lava Rock

Exclusively & unique design
100% natural lava rock
More beneficial filter bacteria

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All Pond Solutions Aquarium Fish Tank Ornament

3 wheel van, wheeler dealer trader ornament
Includes air bubble outlet feature (air pump required, not included)
High quality resin aquarium safe, non toxic – suitable for freshwater, tropical and marine

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Aqua One Round Cave Aquarium Ornament

Modern d├ęcor for any aquarium. Granite finish
Stackable with other sizes for impressive aquascapes
Dimensions 12.5x12x8cm

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Aqua Spectra Air Bubble Aquarium Ornament

A beautifully detailed and realistic polyresin ancient columns
Complement and enhance any aquatic environment
Produced using quality non toxic materials

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Aquarium Ornament Retro VW Camper Van

13 cm Approximate Length
6 cm Height

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Aquarium Ornaments,MIHOUNION Artificial Fish Tank Plastic Plants Calla Lily Kelp Vivarium Landscape Decoration Colorful Fake Aquatic Accessories with Sturdy Base

Natural vibrant colours for a realistic look, fantastic addition to any aquarium. Building your own sea world with this large aquarium ornaments
Made from plastic leaves and heavy ceramic base makes it easy to put on the gravel and upright in the tank. Dimensions approx 28.5cm W x 26.5cm H, Weight approx 120g
Lifelike fish tank decorations suitable for cold water or tropical aquariums. Easy to clean and care for. The fish bowl plant will not fade and is safe and non-toxic

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AquarLine Tree Stump Ornament, 21 cm

Aquarium ornament – vivarium decoration. salt water resistant. made out of safe polyester resin material.
Does not affect the water quality. safe non-toxic.
Perfect small hide ornament for any aquarium or vivarium.

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Artificial Aquatic Plants Aquarium Plants Plastic Fish Tank Decorations 7.5 Inch, 2 Pieces

2 Pieces assorted colors plastic aquarium plants: one is purple, blue, green; The other is fuchsia, red, it will not fade underwater
Designed with resin base: this artificial plants with resin base which makes it easy to stand in water and add natural beauty to any aquarium
Easy to clean: a simple wipe with an algae pad, brush or spray with the shower head will remove algae and detritus of the aquatic plants

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Caldex Classic Ancient Roman Square Column Ruins

Ancient Roman square column ruins.
Non toxic.
Suitable for aquariums.

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Caldex Classic Character Buildings Castle Ruin

Castle ruin.
Suitable for aquariums.
Plant detailing.

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