How to Stop a Dog From Biting

A biting dog can quickly lead to a strained relationship with its owner. It can also lead to a strained relationship with family, friends, and neighbors (not to mention the mailman). Unfortunately a dog that bites can even end up with putting the dog down. Here are a few tips to make sure that does not happen.

There is a possibility that the dog is just playing. They are used to "mouthing" and may not understand that the pressure they are using to play is too much and considered biting. They usually do not intend to hurt anyone, they just got carried away. If this is the case, you should let out a certain loud exclamation, "Ouch!", And pull your hand away. Do not yell at the dog, but instead just make sure they know it hurt you and that was not playing.

The first and most important aspect of teaching your dog to stop biting is to first understand why they are biting. Without understanding this, you can not control or fix the problem associated with a barking dog. Dogs may bite someone for a lot of reasons. They could be in pain, they may be defending their territory, they may be scared, or they may be asserting their dominance. The key to fixing this problem is to understand which one of these three is the reason why they are biting. Only then can you start to address the issue.

Begin by taking the dog out of the situation. If they are in pain, are territorial, or are scared, you should remove the cause or take them out of the situation that they are in which causes them to bite.

Source by Cary Benjamin