How To Resolve Your Jack Russell Shedding Problem

Due to widespread rumours and false information, few realize that Jack Russells shed. Don’t believe those who tell you they don’t. This is a complete fallacy; they actually shed just as much, if not more, than a lot of other breeds. Shedding is very much part of owning a JRT, but is a small price to pay for such an adorable pet.

About Their Coats

Let’s start with the basics – the type of coat you can expect with a Jack Russell. A “smooth” coat is the shortest type, “broken” is a little longer, and “rough” refers to the longest, scruffiest kind of coat. Aside from length, these coats are similar in terms of texture and all three are susceptible to shedding.

Unfortunately, even the short haired types of Jack Russells still shed. Shedding is inevitable with any type of coat and probably even heavier among the shorter haired varieties.

Dealing With Shedding

There are a couple of things you need to remember here. The first is that JRT’s are predominantly white, so you’ll quickly get a white sheen covering the house. Also, because their fur is so course it tends to cling wherever it lands, meaning that vacuuming might take some time.

Of course, regular vacuuming will help, but if you want to make sure you’ve caught as much hair as possible then you might have to intensify the cleaning regime. Try keeping a thick roll of tape around to strip the coarse hair off of the floor and furniture and keep things cleaner. There are of course specific contraptions that you can buy that perform the same function, but if you want a cost-effective method then tape will work just as well.

The Importance Of Grooming

As with all dogs, grooming is essential. Grooming is the best way to combat shedding, as the more loose hair you can collect while brushing, the less there will be to float about your home. Give them frequent brushing to help them maintain a healthy coat and use a bristle brush to unleash all those loose tufts of hair.

Normally a basic level of hygiene is enough, but if your dog has really coarse hair or a coat that is rough or broken, you might have to give them more attention. Their coat will need to be “stripped” and/or trimmed a few times a year, or just keep a stripping comb on-hand to pluck out all the dead hairs. Don’t think that a bath will do the job of regular grooming – of course, they’ll need to be bathed a few times a year when the coat gets dirty, but doing it too much could lead to skin irritation and it won’t help the Jack Russell terrier shedding issue at all.

In conclusion, if you’re interested in owning a dog you’ll have to make peace with the fact that he will shed, especially if he’s a JRT. If you’re adverse to white hair strewn across your home, you may want to consider this fact. Jack Russell terrier shedding is all part and parcel of owning this particular breed (as it is with all dogs), and as long as you’re prepared to put up with regular grooming and vacuuming then you’ll be able to enjoy your pet to the full.

Source by Ann Ameto