Helping Dog With a Canine Allergy

Do you often catch your pet worrying its paws, chewing or licking them, or scratching itself constantly around the stomach? Your dog could easily have a case of canine allergy. To dogs, allergies can be a frequent source of problems. The irritation that allergy brings to a dog can be so great that it will often go into a frenzy, teasing its own skin up to do something about the endless itching.

If you do not treat a dog that suffers from a canine allergy, it can often leave the dog with unsightly and bald spots on its coat, with crusty patches, and with painful-looking welts. Dogs will react to the presence of allergens in their surroundings in just the way that people do when there is something to react against in their surroundings – pollen, certain cleaning products or certain kinds of foods – they will do anything to take care of the itch . One of the common causes of the canine allergy is the presence of dust mites around the house. It's the rare dog that's able to go through life with no allergies at all. It's usually the larger dogs that suffer. Flea allergy dermatitis is one of the most common types of allergy a dog will suffer from.

This is an allergy that a dog has to the saliva of the flea or two the lives on its coat. A dog with dermatitis will begin to shed hair so much, there will be bald spots on its coat in places. There are certain kinds of allergy in dogs that also produce bacterial infections. A dog may react to allergies such as these with too much wax in the ears for instance. And this makes the dog pronone to secondary infections too. Atopy is an allergy that is caused by the inhalation of certain substances. Your doctor may prescribe medicine called Atopic for this that tries to suppress the reaction of the immune system. As long as your dog tolerates the medicine well, you should be in no trouble. But the best way to keep a dog healthy and free of allergies would be to live in a clean home where there are no carpets that can hold dust mites for the dog to inhale.

A dog with a canine allergy is the poor and miserable thing. What do you do to help your pet overcome this problem? Identifying the cause of an allergy can be an involved and lengthy, not to mention an expensive, process. But why would you not do this for your dog? To the poor thing you're its whole world.

Source by Eli Rutledge