Do You Want to Know How to Stop Your Dachshund From Constant Licking?

Understand one thing: Dachshunds Lick. They lick because that is totally natural for dogs, and dachshunds are dogs (no matter what some doxie owners may contend). The problem is that some dachshunds lick constantly.

They lick themselves. They lick their owners. They lick their owners’ and others’ clothing. They lick the bedding. They lick the furniture. You know what I’m talking about.

Many dachshund owners don’t mind, even encourage, their dogs to lick them affectionately.  But others want to “lick” the problem.

So, what if you want to know how to stop your dachshund from constant licking?

First, make sure your dog does not have a medical problem. It could be that your dachshund has developed some type of skin condition, which causes the pet to incessantly lick its fur and skin. Have your vet check the dog. When you have satisfied yourself that the problem is not medical, you can move on with your assessment and behavior training.

There are two main reasons for your dachshund’s licking problem.

  1. The main reason for licking is affection or love for you.
  2. The second most common reason is stress or anxiety.

Addressing Reason #1 – excessive licking from affection:

If the licking is excessive, it is time for you to take action. If you allow the dog to continue the licking, it may become even worse.

The best way to train your dachshund to stop is with a combination of verbal and body language.

  • First, put on a stern look (not your normal loving everything about you look.).
  • Give him a short command: “No!”, or “No Lick!”
  • At the same time turn from the dog. This shows your displeasure.

Most times, the dachshund will come to you again and begin licking. When this happens, do the same thing, turning away and giving your stern command. This may happen several times. The best tool you have is patience. Be patient with your pet, and be firm.  Oh, and be consistent. Don’t allow the licking for awhile, then change your demeanor. That will just confuse the dog.

Addressing reason #2 – stress or anxiety:

Some dachshunds become stressed or anxious because of their environment or a change in their environment. Dogs need to feel comfortable and content or they will “act out” in various ways. One of those ways is obsessive-compulsive licking.

Try to figure out what it may be that is causing your dachshund’s problem. It could be lack of attention, lack of exercise, too much time alone, change of owners, a recent move to a new house.

Then you should take steps to correct the condition. Try to make your animal more content. Make sure the dog gets plenty of exercise. Dachshunds are very active dogs. They need probably more than half an hour of exercise each day.

They love to be outside. They like sniffing around and knowing what other animals have been on their turf.

If the problem is lack of attention, do something to correct that. It might be spending more time with your pet. Try to teach it some tricks or just play with him.

Once you have been successful in correcting the problem and your dog is more content, you can address the licking issue. Begin the training method mentioned above, using one-word commands and body language so that your dachshund knows there is something different happening. Once again, be patient and be consistent.

Your love for your dachshund is your greatest asset. Don’t be afraid to be firm – using tough love is sometimes necessary. Do not worry; your dog will not hate you for it. A dog is a man’s (or woman’s) best friend.

So now you know how to stop your dachshund from constant licking.

Source by Wayne Rasku