Dealing With Aggressive Tropical Fish

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If you don’t want to end up having injured or dead fish in your aquarium, the simple task of reading about aggressive tropical fish can save you from this dilemma in the future. A lot of cichlid species are known to be aggressive and as a caretaker of these fish, you should be able to learn how to deal with their extreme aggression. While it is very difficult to stop their aggression, you can do some things which will help control or minimize their belligerent behavior. One distinct trait they have is the way they fight for their territory especially when spawning.

One aggressive tropical fish that you don’t want to keep with smaller fish is the Oscar. They are carnivores so smaller fish can be one of their preys. Angelfish are generally calm and slow moving but they tend to be so aggressive during breeding. The Lemon Cichlid is usually peaceful but it can react if there are too many fish in the tank. Overcrowding will not do these fish any good.

The first thing that you have to do is to keep the same size of cichlids together. The reason behind this is that a bigger cichlid tends to dominate over a small one even if both of them have the same level of aggression. If they fight, it’s so obvious that the smaller fish will get injured or even worst, it can die. Ask your local pet store about the fish’s size once it matures because once a fish reaches its full adult size, the differences become evident. Surprisingly, cichlids are very unreceptive towards their own species or other fishes that somewhat look like them. It is said that similar looking fishes tend to fight for the same territory, food and even partners. Avoid keeping aggressive tropical fish that have identical color or markings. Long-time hobbyists recommend putting one male and one female only of the same kind. Also, be very careful when putting together cichlids with the same markings. If you already have a striped fish, don’t put another one with the same marking. Aggression is already part of a cichlid’s characteristic. You can try to influence their behavior and it would really help a lot if you do your homework by reading or making a research about them.

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