Choosing a Golden Retriever As Your Pet – The Pros & Cons

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Learn Why a Golden Retriever Would or Wouldn’t Make a Good Pet

If you are looking for a well mannered, good looking, good temperament pet, then the Golden Retriever might be your best choice. As always, before making a final choice for your new pet you need to learn all about them. As you learn more about them I believe you will be impressed with their personalities. These dogs are almost the perfect pet but because of their size might not be an ideal pet for an apartment dweller.

The Golden Retriever originated when a yellow flat-coated Retriever was cross bred with a Tweed water spaniel along with some Irish Setter and Bloodhound in the Scottish Highlands in the late 1800s. Goldens are usually medium to large sized dogs with coats which range from light to dark gold. Their gold color coat is what gave them their name. The birth life of these dogs ranges from 10-12 years. The working ability that has made them such a useful hunting companion also makes him an ideal guide, assistance and search and rescue dog.

The Golden Retriever should be trained regularly to keep them well behaved for not only the owner but also with kids and outsiders. These dogs can be trained to become good watch dogs (also for herding, hunting and rescue operations).They can be easily trained (House training and leash training is very important). Obedience training is a must not only for this dog but for every dog. When well trained, this breed is the best family dog one can ever have. But, keep in mind that daily exercise is a must.

There are 2 types of training:

Behavioral training: Many dogs have certain habits which we don’t normally want them to have (like jumping on people, getting on the couch, etc). Therefore proper exercise and communication with the dog is a must. You can find classes where you can get training on how to train your dog. There are also many books and videos which help you learn to train your pet retriever..

Obedience Training: – This is training where you teach your dog how to obey your commands like sit, shake hands, roll over, etc. Keep in mind that dogs usually get bored with routine exercises, so it is better to keep changing the way you train them to keep them interested.

These dogs do have more of a foul smell than other breeds. So, regular grooming is a must. Combing and brushing should be done frequently as these dogs shed a lot. You need to concentrate on their under coat as it is heavier than most breeds. Your pet Golden Retriever can be bathed regularly without damaging their skin or coat.

Young Golden Retrievers are like most puppies in that they like to chew on things. Train your pet as early as possible to chew on toys that are for that purpose. Make sure the pet’s chew toys are soft so they don’t hurt themselves.

Golden Retrievers are very friendly and reliable as well as being trustworthy. Under normal circumstances they don’t show hostility towards other dogs or people. They are not timid and don’t have nervous tendencies. These qualities along with being a great guide, watch and hunting dog plus being good with children all make them a great pet for you and your family.

Source by Don A Levy