Care of Freshwater Tropical Fish

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Do you want to know what you need to do to maintain a beautiful aquarium of freshwater tropical fish? It’s not difficult, but you must do these few basic tasks to ensure optimum pleasure from your aquarium.

Looking after your freshwater tropical fish is not difficult or time-consuming, but there are a few things that need to be attended to on a regular basis to ensure optimum health for your tropical fish, which will mean optimum pleasure for you.

Firstly, always be careful when introducing new tropical fish in to your aquarium. New fish will be stressed by the ordeal of getting to your house, and will be susceptible to disease. It is advisable to always keep new fish in a quarantine tank for a few days, just to make sure they are fit and healthy.

On a daily basis, feed your tropical fish, either once or twice a day is fine. Do find out the best food to give your fish, and give them variety, because fish can get bored with the same diet day after day. When you feed them, always ensure you don’t give them too much food, because fish do not over-eat, so any unwanted food will remain in the aquarium and will go off very quickly. Be very careful who you entrust to look after your fish when you go on vacation. Many well-meaning people who have never had their own fish cannot believe how small a quantity of food fish really need, and before you know it the water is black, and the fish are gasping to breath, if not dead.

When you feed them, take a few moments to have a count, and make sure all your fish are present and correct. If you cannot see one, you need to locate it, it may just be hiding, or it may be sick or dead somewhere. Leaving a dead fish in your aquarium will soon pollute the water. Also check the filter is working correctly, the water is at the right temperature, and put back any stray bits of plant which may have come loose.

On a monthly basis, you need to do a partial water change. This involves removing 20-25% of the water, and replacing it with clean, de-chlorinated water, which is at the right temperature. Before you remove the water it is advisable to switch of the filter, and heater. At the same time have a tidy up of the aquarium by cleaning the glass, checking the airstones are not clogged up, (if you have any), and you may need to clean the filter, depending on the type you have. I personally use a ‘gravel cleaner’ which sucks the gravel up, and cleans it whilst removing the dirty water.

Once a year, take the time to give your aquarium a thorough clean, by emptying it, replacing all the water, and thoroughly cleaning everything. Do ensure that on chemicals are used while doing this, as these are not good for your freshwater tropical fish.

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