Buying a Glass Aquarium

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Watching fish swimming freely in a glass aquarium can be extremely therapeutic and have a calming effect. A glass aquarium is a home that you fish will probably spend their whole lives in so it is important to find the correct one.

Introducing fish into your home can benefit all the family however you need to be aware of what your fish needs with regard to food, lighting, surroundings and size of their tank. Tropical fish can be expensive so it is wise to research which fish can mix with other fish as some may kill the other.

If you have decided to purchase a glass aquarium then you could not have chosen a better time, the designs in glass aquariums are far more attractive and pleasant to the eye than in recent years and there is a much larger choice of sizes and shapes available.

Before you obtain a glass aquarium it is important to know how many fish you expect to keep as this will determine the size of the aquarium you will need. Many owners have overstocked their tanks resulting in a disastrous output.

Although most people use the one inch of fish per gallon of water ratio this can leave lots of room for error. Not all fish are the same size and same may grow consider more than others making your glass aquarium unsuitable. Most fish owner will not know how old the fish are when they buy them so will not know how much more they will grow so it is important to research the type of fish you are considering to determine its true adult size.

If you are unsure where to find adequate information on your glass aquarium and fish you want to keep trying visiting your local library or simply searching the internet for advice is always a good start. You could also try asking your local pet shop owner for their tips and ideas too.

Once you have done your research and have purchased your glass aquarium do not fully stock the tank in one go, it is advised that only 25% of the total volume of fish should be added at the same time. It takes time for colonies of bacteria to build up and adjust to the bio-load and be ready to eliminate fish wastes which are toxic.

Once you have set up your aquarium with adequate lighting, heating, filtration and have decorated it accordingly you can now add your fish here is how

Turn the light of in the aquarium as this will reduce stress to the fish Place the fish in a sealed bag with water Place the bag into the tank so that it floats on the water Allow the bag to float on the water for 20 minutes Open the bag containing the fish and add approximately one cup of the fish tank water Close the bag and let it float on the water for another 10 minutes Untie the bag and use a net to transfer the fish into the glass aquarium Never add the water from the bag to the tank as this may contain toxins Allow the fish to adjust for a few hours before turning the light of the aquarium back on

Now it is time to sit back enjoy your fish!

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