Birman Cats

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The Legend of the Birman

The Birman cat is a beautiful breed of cat that is believed to have come from the country of Burma, where it was kept as the pet of trusted priests. According to legend, the guardians of Burmese temples were actually cats that had long white hair and yellow eyes. The goddess of the main temple had blue eyes. In this legend, the head priest was killed during an attack and one of the guardian cats placed its paws on him. Suddenly, the cat’s white fur became golden and its eyes turned as blue as those of the goddess of the temple. Seven days after this occurred, the guardian cat died.


Aside from the legend, the known history of the Birman cat is that a pair of these cats were shipped from Burma to France in the early 1900s. While the male cat did not survive the journey, the female arrived safely and was actually pregnant at the time of arrival. This established the Birman cat in the western world and the French cat registry began to recognize this cat as a distinct breed in 1925. England and the Cat Fanciers’ Association took a bit more time to recognize the breed, with England recognizing it in 1966 and the CFA recognizing it in 1967.

Description and Personality

The Birman cat is often large and long, with long hair. The hair has a silky texture and does not become matted. The face, legs, and tail are darker in color than the rest of the body with seal point, blue point, and chocolate point popular. The Birman cat has pure white feet and a full chin. In terms of personality, the Birman cat is a wonderful pet. If you are busy, the cat will not bother you. If you have time to play, the Birman cat is active and playful. The Birman would make a wonderful pet for people of all ages and adapts well to most households.

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