Bengal Cat Rescue Basic Principles

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Many Bengal cat owners got their cat from a local Bengal rescue center. They have been through all the tedious screening to be an eligible owner of a rescued Bengal.

It is not easy to acquire and keep a Bengal cat from a rescue organization. It requires an even greater degree of responsibility. Here are some of the tips that you could use when you have a Bengal cat from a rescue center:

Proper introduction

You should remember that a Bengal that came from a rescue center requires a much more careful introduction to your family and household pets. This is because the Bengal had a negative human encounter before. With a proper introduction, you will give enough time for everyone in the house to get a feel of each other. This will eventually result in a harmonious relationship. You now have the opportunity to change that negative experience into a positive one, so start with a proper, patient transition into your home.


You have to keep in mind that a Bengal cat from a rescue organization should be given an extra load of understanding. At first, it may exhibit some negative behavior because of what it went through before. You have to keep an open mind because the Bengal needed a good rescue from its former owners and it's your turn to make it trust humans again.

Extra care

It will not hurt to give your little friend some extra care especially when you know that it came from a rescue center. The Bengal went through tough times so it's your job to make it trust human care again. Your Bengal cat did not receive receive that much attention in the rescue center because of the large Bengal population there. So you really have to see to it that the care you give is personalized and extra special.

More patience

You have to bear with your Bengal if it came from a rescue organization. It should be expected for it to take some time to adjust and re-orient itself to proper human care and attention. Introductions may take longer and it may initially be aloof but be patient with your pet because it did not end up in the rescue center for nothing.

More attention

Since your Bengal cat came from a rescue center, you should keep in mind that it experienced a great deal of abuse or neglect from its previous owners. In order to correct the negativity of all that, you should give your Bengal more attention to facilitate emotional and mental healing. Play and talk with your Bengal cat because this will directly say that you do not want it to return to the rescue center.

A Bengal cat that needed rescue before should indeed be rescued by you this time. Make sure that you really grab at the opportunity to help these Bengals recuperate and live at their best now that they have the chance to do so with you.

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