8 Easy Ways to Dress Your Dog For Halloween

Does your dog enjoy dressing up for Halloween?

Laika’s pretty fussy about what she does & does not like — especially when it comes to clothing. She doesn’t mind wearing hoodies, in fact she comes running when I break out her beloved red one. She doesn’t mine capes or shirts either, but anything that covers her legs or head is a no go.

I know it’s tempting to see your dog in a full pirate outfit (I’ve tried), but not all dogs like wearing elaborate Halloween costumes. So instead of making my dog wear something she’s not happy or comfortable in I stick with something simple — like a classy bow tie or fancy bandana.

If your dog doesn’t isn’t a fan of wearing that pretty princess gown or prancing around in that full wizard’s robe don’t worry — there are some simpler options that still look quite festive. Here’s 8 easy ways to dress your dog for Halloween.

1. A Festive Bandana Makes One Simple Costume

Bandanas are such a simple way to dress up your dog, and if they’ve ever been to the groomer you might already have a few on hand. You can find bandanas at most pet stores or buy one online – and of course if you’re crafty you can make one of your own.

ideas for dogs that dont like costumes

How cute, simple and festive is this?

2. Fancy Decorative Collars Are a Nice Touch

Some of us are a bit obsessed with dog collars and already have quite a collection — and there’s no better time than Halloween to show off some of our more decorative choices. If you don’t have any collars that fit in with Halloween there’s a ton to choose from — from simple pumpkin patterns to ones with LED lights.

dog costumes

Cute mini pumpkin adjustable dog collar via Amazon (affiliate link)

3. Dog Bow Ties Are Always a Hit (and Quite Classy)

There’s nothing quite as classy as a dog in a bow tie. Such a simple way to get your dog looking festive – and the best part is you just attach them right to your dog’s collar. (and for that extra touch of class you could always add some little cuff links)

There’s a lot of super cute dog bowties available from Etsy and Amazon, or you can learn how to make your own.

8 Easy Ways to Dress Your Dog For Halloween

Cute skull design bow tie via Etsy

4. Onesies Make Great Dog Costumes

I can’t take credit for this brilliant idea, it comes from Beagles & Bargains. Onesies make excellent last minute dog costumes, and if you’ve ever been shopping for a baby you know how many options there are.

They’re pretty non-invasive as far as costumes go since, and most dogs will probably appreciate that they leave their back legs bare. Check out how a few simple steps can turn a regular onesie into an awesome dog costume & how to determine the right size for your dog.

8 Easy Ways to Dress Your Dog For Halloween

Onesie costume via Beagles & Bargains

5. Scarves Make a Simple, Comfy Dog Costume

Just like bandanas scarves are about as simple as it gets. And I don’t know what’s happened in the scarf world but have you seen how many different kinds to choose from these day? Just make sure if you’re using a long one you wrap it up so they don’t trip on the ends.

You could make your dog into a ski bunny or just pick some awesome bright colors for some extra flair. Or a simple orange scarf alone looks quite festive for Halloween, and if you’re shopping last minute you can probably find plenty at your local store.

dog costume alternatives

Simple orange scarf

6. Customized T Shirts Have Endless Possibilities

Just like onesies, T-shirts are nice to use as dog costumes because they’re available in a million sizes and colors. You could make your dog into a ghost with or if you’re on the creative side you can decorate your own. (remember puffy paint?)

They make one simple costume, and most dogs don’t seem to mind wearing a t-shirt since they don’t restrict their movement in any way.

One of my favorite t shirt costumes is this adorable dinosaur – and the whole thing cost about $10 to make.

easy diy tshirt costume

Dinosaur costume via The Next Bird

7. Decorate Your Dogs Harness for Halloween

You’ve probably seen those jockey dog costumes that have become quite popular over the past couple years; I think part of the reason they’re so popular is because rather than being a full out costume it’s just basically a toy on top of a harness – something fussy dog’s might not mind.

But it doesn’t have to be a jockey – I think one of the cutest ideas I’ve seen is this simple ladybug. You could create it yourself by designing the patterned fabric & attaching it onto your dog’s harness.

ladybug dog costume

Ladybug costume via Maggie Mae Pup Reporter

8. It’s Hard to go Wrong with a Doggie Tutu

A tutu is such a simple way to dress up your dog – and they’re so easy to make if you’re feeling a little crafty. You can buy a doggie tutu in the pet costume section of your local store – or you can make your own in about 30 minutes for $10.

diy dog costumes

DIY dog tutu via Pitlandia

Do You Dress Up Your Dog For Halloween?

Does your dog mind wearing costumes, or do you have to keep it simple? Do you have a costume picked out for your dog this year?

8 Easy Ways to Dress Your Dog For Halloween

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